Saturday, August 05, 2006

Are caterpillars a good source of iron?

A productive day so far! I went to the gym, came home, sorted through recycling, defrosted the freezer, cleaned out the fridge, mopped the kitchen floor, and repotted some plants. Two plants had died from the heat and my inability to stay on top of watering them.

But also, I'd bought some herbs (mint and basil) last weekend at the farmer's market and planted them in my kitchen window box (inside.) I noticed mid week that the mint and half the basil was dying, leaves missing or transparent. I threw them away, hoping the last basil plant (which I'd started months ago from seeds) would be okay. I thought I saw some little black bugs but they were mostly on the dead plants.

Today - just stalks, no leaves. I dumped the plant in the trash and then noticed a big light green caterpillar, who I fished out and tossed out onto the fire escape. Then, noticed another, and another - on the ceiling, on the kitchen floor, crawling up the walls. Ugh.

The phone just rang - the blood center wanting me to schedule an appointment to donate. They didn't realize I'd tried yesterday, because I'd gotten rejected. My iron level is often too low, but usually within a few fractions of a point (11.9 or 12.2 vs. the required 12.5) and they prick another finger or wait a few minutes and I'm okay. Most of the time, not always. But yesterday it was only 9.5, and when they tried the other hand, 9.4. Pretty upsetting. But I also didn't have my usual nut and fruit snack yesterday morning, but a peach and string cheese. Of course it's a daily thing, so I have to keep remembering to include nuts and raisins and spinach and beans in my menus, not just when I feel like it. I have only been tracking calories, carbs, protein, and fat, but maybe I should start tracking iron?

Anyway I told the guy on the phone I'd wait a bit, although he seemed to think if I ate a small box of raisins I could go give right now. I'll have to remember that for next time. Truth is I always go to the Blood Drives at work because it's convenient, but rarely seek out opportunities to give other than that.

I feel really productive so far today. Maybe I'll even be motivated to work on a short story - there are a few contest deadlines looming.


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