Thursday, August 31, 2006

More weighty issues.

Since I opened the can of worms about weight loss... Had two positive experiences today:

I was able to wrap the small gym towel around my waist and it actually met and didn't leave a gaping gap revealing my nakedness. I haven't actually tried it in awhile, so am not sure if I simply lucked out and got a longer towel, or if this is a permanent milestone.

Two construction workers whistled at me when I passed.

Still annoying: On "Project Runway" (and other shows) they talk about size 12 as if it's plus size. I've worked hard to get down to a 12, and I can guarantee, you don't find that size in a plus size store. I used to shop in them, I think I know. And a size 12 isn't even the largest size in most retail stores! I'm still damn proud I can fit into one. Fuck them all.

(I'm so cold today at work I went down to the Gap and bought a down vest with a fur-trimmed hood. Really. I'm sitting here all bundled up at my computer. A co-worker went home because she was so cold she couldn't work. It's like this summer, fall, winter, spring. )

(Blogger spellcheck offers "Fuji" or "Fizz" for "Fuck." Oh, Blogger, you're so innocent.)


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