Sunday, August 27, 2006

Up and down

I might have slept in today, the first dim rainy Sunday in weeks, but because it was cooler and I didn't have the fan on, I was woken by the sound of my next door neighbor clomping home from work. Granted, he's been quieter since I mentioned it to him, but I wasn't aware of how much of that was just the fan drowning him out. It's like when the mice returned the day of the blackout, when the sonic mice repellers I have plugged into the outlets weren't working.

So I'll be among the first at the gym when it opens today, just as I was yesterday morning.

* * *

Yesterday I saw "Trust the Man," because my crush on David Duchovny is still alive and well, despite the film reviews which suggest (on the heels of the debacle which was his directing debut, "House of D") his career might not be. The movie isn't very good, although I'm not sure it's quite in the "bad"category, like "Connie and Carla" or "Return to Me," two really dismal films I sat through just for him. "Trust the Man" is just empty, with weirdly "emotional" scenes that have no connection to character, because there are no defined characters. Throughout I found myself asking, "Now what is her deal in this scene?" or "What does he want?" and never had the answers. Sad, too, because it also stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, who is usually so brilliant.

I still love David Duchovny, though, and don't mind having paid $6 (matinee prices - I wasn't ready to gamble much more) to see him again, larger than life.


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