Saturday, September 30, 2006


I was up too early, and the gym didn't open until 8, but I left my apartment and wandered around the neighborhood a bit because I was antsy. Quiet, peaceful. Sunny with a chill. After the gym I decided I'd better run into the grocery store on the way home, since I wouldn't have time later, what with having to catch a train, etc. I'd walked past it earlier, but now as I returned, the street was blocked with police tape, and as I got closer, I saw it was for something right in the entrance of that grocery store. Multiple police cars, uniformed officers, men in dark suits with notepads. From what I overheard as I scuttled past (trying not to look because there are certain things I couldn't handle actually seeing), a person may have been killed, there may have been shots fired, there may have been a woman used as a "shield," there may have been a man who was shouting that he wanted to die, and there may have been a knife involved.

I don't want to know how close I was to being in the store when this happened.

Nothing on the news yet, though, so it must have been really recent. I think this would make the news. Am I naive?

If this is true, this is only the third time someone has been killed in the neighborhood in the nearly 13 years I've lived here. A man who owned a small deli/video store was shot in a robbery. Another man who was stalking his ex-girlfriend, shot her in a dry cleaner's, and fled to the Brooklyn Promenade where he shot himself.

I once missed witnessing a shooting by mere seconds. This was in Queens, before I came to Brooklyn. I was walking home at night, and heard loud pops ahead of me that I took to be firecrackers. (It was summer, and not uncommon.) When I came to the corner I saw a car stopped, passenger door open so the light was on, man slumped over the wheel. I ran into my apartment and called 911, although since I wasn't the first to call, they never questioned or followed up with me. Later I learned it was a suspected mob killing and the suspect was never caught.

Now I have to run to catch my train. Hopefully the rest of the day will be dull.


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