Wednesday, October 04, 2006

At the Tea Lounge

Cable fixed. Good karma this time, as the allotted time slot was 12-4 and the doorbell rang at 12:30. It took him a bit of time to find the problem, but he did, and my afternoon was free. Well, I'm still working, but not chained to the apartment, so am sitting on a comfy couch in the Tea Lounge drinking decaffeinated iced coffee and listening to music and enjoying free samples of salmon dill quiche, waffles, and other yummies that the chef is circulating. Yes, this is what working at home should be. Did I mention free wifi? And an available outlet next to me in case I actually sit here longer than my battery can handle?

An interesting mix of mommies with babies and laptop-enabled adults. A reflection of the neighborhood. And... of great interest to me (and likely nobody else) also here is a guy who I've seen in Starbucks for the past 7 or 8 years. Every day, at multiple times of the day, morning, noon and night. When I was unemployed or on a day off and spending a few hours sitting there, he was always there with his laptop. Everytime I've passed their window, I swear, there he is. I decided he was a novelist, although my brother said he could also be a journalist or a blogger. Or some guy with a really bad porn surfing problem. But at least Starbucks' most regular customer. And, yet, he is here today! And seems quite at home, so maybe the cool local coffee/tea joint is making an impact on the big corporate monolith's customer base... He said hi to the person next to me, who just happens to be an actress and was a regular on one of the TV comedy sketch shows that has spawned many a superstar. She used to be a Starbucks regular, also.

The only drawback? It's a little bit dark for working too long. Maybe I just need to adjust the brightness of my monitor...


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