Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hell Tuesday

Day 2 of Hell Week. Yes, I had one of these in September also (4 client events in 5 days) but this is worse (5 client events in 4 days.) After this, (relatively) smooth sailing until the holidays. Or, catching up on the responsibilities I'm shirking now.

It's probably not difficult to guess that I am having trouble sleeping. As soon as I wake up, my mind fixates on the silliest thing I need to do the next day and I can't fall asleep again. I've pretty much been up since 4:00, which means I'll be in the office by 7:30, not so bad since I need to leave by 9:15 for an all day conference in midtown, and I have to do a debrief on last night's client event for the execs invested in it. (Who came? Who cancelled?)

I don't know if having given up caffeine makes this harder or easier. Yeah, a kick of coffee would get me moving, but since I don't rely on that any more, I honestly think I'm better at self-adjusting. Or else I'm just kidding myself to make myself feel better.

Blogger spellcheck fiasco of the week: for "midtown," it suggests "Madonna"


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