Saturday, October 21, 2006

Marie Antoinette, Infamous, and the weekend begins

I was so tired on Wednesday I felt slightly cross-eyed all day. Thursday, a workday bookended by two client events (breakfast seminar at 7 am, evening networking event ending at 9:30), I felt a bit better. Maybe because I could feel the end coming!

Yesterday I was off, originally to relax, but of course the day quickly became filled with things to do: get caught up on my online writing class, take care of essential errands, prepare to go away this weekend. Yes, I'm going upstate - leaving in about half an hour for an Amtrak train. Not the most relaxing weekend, as I'll be working at my family's booth here. Some years that is exhausting, although rewardingly so.

I still managed to squeeze in a movie yesterday! I needed it, so picked "Marie Antoinette," the new film directed by Sofia Coppola. I'm not going to spend much time writing about it, because I don't have much to say. I don't much like period/historical dramas, yet somehow imagined this would be different, that Coppola's style would somehow transform it, and it didn't. There were places, scenes, that were quirky and enjoyable, but I was mostly bored. By now you've caught on that I like character-driven stories, and it's rare that a film can travel 20+ years in only 2 hours and achieve that. (Notable exception: "Walk the Line.")

Oh, and last Sunday I saw "Infamous," the "other" Truman Capote movie. I liked it more, but I think that's because I was more familiar with the story itself, having read "In Cold Blood" and seen the first film since, well, seeing the first film. It's too bad they both were made around the same time, because no matter how much the critics are squealing that this one stands on its own, it never will. Let's be honest.

Okay, off to finish packing.


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