Sunday, October 01, 2006

What really happened, Family, and the Science of Sleep

So everything I heard was right, or at least part of the story.

I'm freaked out a bit from this:
About 8:50 a.m. yesterday, Bernazard grabbed Julie Jacobowitz, 32, a social
worker talking on a cell phone with a friend as she walked home from the gym.

I was at the gym when it opened at 8 (a handful of us were standing outside the locked doors, waiting) and left about 9:15, so it's very likely she was one of the people I saw there. (I'm assuming it was my gym; it's only a few blocks away and the closest.)

The Daily News article also says that while there have been no murders so far in our precinct this year, four people were killed in 2005. I liked it better when I thought there had been only a handful in 12 years.

* * *

No street blasting last night, likely because of rain. Which means they will pass my window sometime tonight. I'm taking Tylenol PM and hoping for the best.

* * *

Speaking of sleep, I saw "The Science of Sleep" this afternoon. I liked it; it was like "Amelie" on acid. The writer/director is Michael Gondry, who directed "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and it had that same kind of visual magic, magnified. Plus the beauty of Gael Garcia Bernal, who is so easy on the eyes, especially with the bonus of full frontal nudity (not that we haven't seen that in his other films.) Even the language is a bit of a mind trip because it's set in France with mostly French actors, but of course Bernal is Mexican, as is his character, and English becomes the easiest language for him to communicate with his French co-workers and neighbors. So sometimes they are speaking English, in different accents, and sometimes they slip into French and you are reading subtitles, and after awhile you don't even remember what was said in what language, it just all becomes fluid.

Now that I think about it, this might be an interesting film to see while stoned. Not that I ever am, but you know.

* * *

Family day turned out to be as eventful as I'd feared, with a screaming match between brothers-in-law and a granddaughter leaving the party after five minutes because she felt disrespected. I watched from a safe distance and ate too much cake. I'm not used to the sugar high.


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