Saturday, October 28, 2006

What to be, what to be...

Woke up to dark, howling winds, lashing rain. You know I love this - on weekends, when I have nothing urgent to do, nowhere outdoors I have to be, it's wonderful to hunker down in the apartment and feel warm and dry and safe. And lazy. It's 10:25 and although I've been awake for four hours, I'm still in my pjs with unbrushed teeth and bed-head. And I'm totally happy. I've paid bills, gotten caught up on some things in my online writing class (two long stories to read and comment on this weekend), submitted a story to a literary magazine fiction contest (formatted it to their guidelines, printed, wrote the check, placed all in a large envelope ready to mail when I do venture outside), and rummaged through the back of my closet for a Halloween costume.

Tonight, a costume party to go to! My creativity hasn't gone very far: a cocktail party dress (or, if I can figure out a bra to wear that doesn't show, an long silk bridesmaid dress), elbow-length black gloves, rhinestone jewelry, a black sequined evening bag, and a fancy feathered mask from New Orleans. I don't know what I "am" other than someone going to a fancy masquerade ball. It's either that or a bee/insect/fairy (I found a pair of black and gold wings in the closet as well), but I think I'll stick with the other.

The rain and wind appear to be dying down. I'm skipping the gym today, so I probably should jump into the shower.


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