Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back on the Bridge

I walked to work again today. It was overcast and damp, although not raining and reasonably warm (53 degrees at 7 am.) The bridge was less crowded. It has a slight rise in the middle, so you walk gradually uphill for the first part, then level for a short bit (between the two stone towers), then downhill again. This makes it a nice walk because I build up a bit of a sweat going up, then cool off completely on the downside. If I'm going to work, I prefer to not arrive slick with sweat.

I'm almost at the year anniversary of my new eating/exercise regime. An entire year! My weight has stabilized but I've maintained my gym routine. I still want to lose another 6-7 pounds, but am not stressing over it. There have been many temptations in the last few month, and I'm pleased to have made it through them. (I didn't pass them all up, not at all, but at least refused to allow for long-term backslide.)


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