Saturday, November 04, 2006

Borat, naked and hairy

There is a long line at the movie theater, wrapping around the corner and down the block. What film draws such a crowd, you ask? None other than Borat. You don't see me on line, though. But that's only because I went to the matinee this afternoon ($6! yay!) and saw it already. And it was crowded then!

Here's the thing about me: I can sit in a movie theater filled with people laughing themselves out of their seats, and I'm not cracking even a smile, but I still think a movie is funny. I just don't generally laugh out loud, so the people sitting near me probably thought I was lil' miss prude. Maybe it's something to do with being alone at a movie, because I think if I'm with other people I do laugh more. I remember times I've laughed until I teared up. I didn't for this one, but I did think it really funny.

There are moments, though, in most comedies, when a joke goes on and on and I shut down, bored, enough already. Usually it's gross-out physical humor - for example, the scene in one of the Austin Powers movies when the fat Scottish guy (Fat Bastard?) is naked (and there's food or mayonnaise involved? I've gratefully forgotten the details); another is in "There's Something About Mary" when Ben Stiller's character gets his privates caught in his zipper fly. I get it, haha, move on, nothing else to see here. And everyone else around me continues to guffaw, so I know the filmmakers know what they are doing.

To be fair, this moment in "Borat" actually wasn't purely one note; although I could have done without it going on quite as long as it did, they did twist the joke around and add to it as the scene played out. It's another gross naked man scene, though, so maybe I just don't find naked fat men funny? Calling Dr. Freud.

I came home to find that HBO is running a marathon of "Da Ali G Show" so I watched a couple of episodes as I cleaned; the movie is even funnier than the Borat character's bits on that show.

Wait, I just remembered a recent movie at which I laughed uncontrollably - "The Artistocrats."


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