Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Night, Peanut Butter, and Rain

I fell asleep last night watching the election coverage, right after most of the stations called the House for the Democrats. But not so many years ago, I fell asleep after most of the stations told me that Al Gore was my next president, so of course I had to keep checking the tv each time I woke up during the night.

I tried taking over-the-counter sleep aids, but they aren't doing what I need them to. I can fall asleep quickly without a problem. My difficulty is remaining asleep, and so far when I've taken them I've still not been able to sleep past 5 or 6.

Today I woke at 5, wide awake yet feeling exhausted. I debated whether to go to the gym (will it energize me or make me feel worse?) but since I have a dinner to go to tonight, I probably would appreciate sleeping in tomorrow more. ("Sleeping in" on a work day means 6:30 instead of 5 am, but I still hardly ever pull it off, and so when I do I feel lazy.)

* * *

I had a craving for a bagel at lunch, well really for the peanut butter I was putting on the bagel, so I went outside of our office complex to cross the street to the bagel store. It's raining and though I had my umbrella, I didn't change out of my work shoes and plop! landed in a puddle as I was dashing across the street.

The peanut butter was still yummy.

* * *

Sunday at the gym I saw a woman I see periodically there, running madly on one of the downstairs treadmills. She's tiny and bony and tanned, and clings to the front of the machine as she pounds, pounds, pounds her sneakers against the rubber. I was on my way in, so it was about 25 minutes later that I was finished with weight machines and on my way upstairs to the cardio machines when I passed her, in her coat, walking out the door. But when I finished another half hour later and walked past the downstairs treadmill again, there she was. Pounding, sweating, clinging. I know that it's highly possible she has a focused and healthy workout routine, but there is something about her super-skinny arms that is scary. I passed her on the street later in the day, too, and she had on the same outfit, sweat stains and all.

* * *

I'm sitting in a conference room because I wanted to eat my lunch in peace. I think I'll try to work from home tomorrow or Friday. I just feel the need to escape a tiny bit. Take back some of my time for me.


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