Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I voted this morning, and it was pretty empty. I was #34 in my electoral district at 8:00 am. Of course, this is a neighborhood where all the real action takes place during the primary, since the Democrat is invariably going to win come November. After the frenzy of our primary, with its downright nasty contest to choose a replacement for our retiring US Congressman, things have been pretty tame.

I like going into the neighborhood schools to vote. I don't get to see them any other time, of course, and so I'm always checking out what's hanging on the hallway walls and bulletin boards. I used to vote in a public elementary school (one of the most popular; it's listed prominently on all of the real estate ads), but now it's the School for International Studies, which I believe is grades 6-12 and one of NYC's public schools that require applications for admission. The NYC school system is somewhat of a mystery to me, having neither attended or been a parent to a child who attended any of them. I once tutored girls from the South Bronx who were studying for the h.s. entrance exams, and one wanted go to to the high school of performing arts, so instead of passing a test she had to memorize a monologue for an audition.


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