Thursday, December 28, 2006

I am not crazy.

I knew my computer issues were not due to software or driver problems, but something related to power. After all, it first happened after the power suddenly shut down and all went black. So, still without the energy to sit through a full system recovery, I googled my error message to find non-Microsoft message boards that might have user solutions. Voila! about a dozen people, reporting the same problem, followed one guy's experimental solution: unplug the power cord, take out the battery, and let it all sit for at least 30 minutes. Plug all back in and power up. This has something to do with draining the power from the USB ports and resetting them.

And, it worked.

My iPod is syncing right now.

I'm sooooo happy. Not just because I will have fresh podcasts to listen to at the gym this morning, but because I was thisclose to picking out a new computer at J&R last night.

* * *

I might be crazy in other ways. I'm starting to get easily freaked out by dirt. Not, really, in any way more than the average person I think, but it's a shift for me to notice certain things. Like at the gym, I am acutely aware when a person ahead of me on a weight machine isn't carrying a towel, so will not be wiping down before I get on. I fully indulge my passive-aggessive streak and make a great show of wiping down after them with my own towel, before I get on. (Usually they don't notice, so I've actually started with the dirty looks and scowling, as if this will get their attention more.) My latest terror was seeing two different women sit their naked bottoms on the wooden benches in the locker room. You know, the benches where I set my clean clothing, my make up bag, and often my own fully clothed butt as I put on my shoes. Well, now I put down towels before I do any of that, but really, shouldn't the naked ass women be laying out towels? I don't sit naked on furniture at home, why would I do it at they gym?

I like to believe my reaction (well, not the passive-aggressive scowling) is within the realm of normal, but I don't remember noticing these types of things before. Maybe they were always happening and I was oblivious (what you don't know doesn't hurt you.) Or maybe other people's habits have just become more gross.

* * *

Yesterday was sooooo dead at work. Can you tell by the increase in blog entries? So you'll trust me when I say, talk to you later.


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