Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Friday of 2006

I'm feeling more than a little nauseous right now. Not good. I spent the last couple of hours cleaning out files and my desk at work; I have one conference call and then lunch plans and then an agreement among the few of us here today that we're skedaddling right after. I really was looking forward to sushi (not so much right now) and stopping by J&R on the way home (yes, I'm still pricing computers - my USB issues resurfaced this morning, so my "fix" was apparently temporary. Waiting for Gateway support to respond with any other suggestions.) I don't want to start a 3 day weekend feeling sick.

* * *

I'm watching season one of Project Runway through Netflix. I missed the first season, although I can't fathom why, since it's right in my sweet spot: a reality show in which contestants have to use actual talent/skills to succeed. (Not that all of the winners in this sub-genre are always the most talented, but it's a far cry from Big Brother or The Bachelor or any of those other stupid shows where the only talent any of the participants possess is a willingness to make out in front of the camera or show their blurred naughty bits.) Of course, once I started with season two, I became addicted, so have always been interested in going back to the first. It's especially fun now, because the boys at Project Rungay are watching the episodes and blogging them, so it doesn't feel like I'm that late to the party. (Project Rungay, by the way, is how I found out about the Tim Gunn bobble head doll, which now has a place of honor on my desk.)

* * *

I made it to lunch since the earlier portion of this post; sushi and wine went down fine. Now it's barely 3 pm and the office has cleared out. I am looking up times for movies, because that's how I want to spend the rest of the day. Dreamgirls! 4:15! I'm outta here.


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