Sunday, December 24, 2006

My computer is out to get me.

My computer died a few minutes ago. Like, flat-lined. It wouldn't turn back on, so I turned it over and started unscrewing what I thought might be the battery door, and it started humming. And then came on. But now I can't access anything through the USB ports. I had just plugged in my wireless mouse when it died, so maybe there was a short there or something? I don't know. I can't deal with this now.

I am also fighting with My Space. Yeah, that's pretty infantile. But I once had a profile there, so long ago that it has my old email address not my current one. I tried to update my email address, and get this, you can request a change but they send the confirmation to your OLD email address. If your old email address isn't accessible, you are supposed to be able to email them to have it changed. But when I did? They just sent me back the same old instructions on how to change it, including the notice that I had to check my OLD email for the confirmation. Then I figured I'd just delete the whole profile, but, lo and behold, the deletion must be verified via a confirmation they send to... your email address (which in my case, is still my old in accessible one. See catch 22 above.) So I email them to complain and they send me an email telling me how to cancel, again, verbatim, without even taking into account... oh, god, who cares, really. I'm too old for this.

Merry Christmas Eve! I'm going to be a bad girl and order take out Chinese food. Definitely NOT on the healthy eating plan, but it's a tradition.


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