Sunday, December 03, 2006

Trying not to hate Time Warner Cable

Yeah, having no internet connection sucks. I managed to snag onto the unsecured wireless network in my building this morning, but this afternoon, it was suddenly secured. What a time for my neighbor to get a clue. So here I sit in the Tea Lounge down the block, using their complimentary free wireless, trying to think of everything I tried to do today but couldn't, before I walk out of here and back to the Stone Age. Of course I still have a working computer, and I get my email on my Treo, so it's just pure web-surfing that I am missing.

This place is set up to be like your family's living room: sofas, chairs, oriental rugs. So much like home that the guy across from me is comfortable enough to put his shoeless feet up on the coffee table. Fun!

Tomorrow I go out of town for a day/night, and you know I'll work that hotel's wireless internet in my room to death...


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