Wednesday, December 27, 2006

USB is a dirty word.

Oh, still no working USB ports. I've tried almost all of the fixes recommended by the Gateway online support technician, except for a full system recovery/backup and reinstallation of all software. That involves digging out my original documentation, hoping I actually have the installation disks that should have come with the computer (I would, if they did, but last time I had an issue with an older computer there were no disks, despite what HP said) and committing to several hours of sitting here, tense and anxious. And what if it still doesn't work? I'd be devastated. At least now I have one last option to try, so there's hope.

I guess that's pretty twisted. Part of me wonders if it's just time to buy a new computer, but that is a cop out if I can get this one working. It's been just about two years since I bought it, so not exactly time to upgrade, but fairly close. Of course I could keep this one as a backup, since the only thing (so far) that is a problem is that without USB connections, I can't print, sync my iPod, sync my Treo, use my wireless mouse, etc. But I can write to CDs and connect to the internet.

MY GOD. As if to torment me, just as I started to type this entry, my USB port icon in my toolbar is popping up a "USB Device Not Recognized" message over and over and over and over. I've been sitting here for an hour, without one. I've worked on this computer for several hours since the trouble first started on Sunday, without seeing that message every five seconds. Has something else gone wrong, or is my computer trying to talk to me about something????

I need to go to work.


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