Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wireless-less and Luggage

My cable is out again, only this time it's the cable modem, as well as both tvs. I really hoped it was more than me, that it was something to do with the weather last night (heavy rain, winds) but no, it's just me. Right now I'm stealing internet access from a neighbor's unsecured wireless router, and since we still can't get DSL in this building, he must have a working cable modem. Anyway, I'm tired of dealing with cable problems. I can't wait to move.

I have the bug because several members of my family have moved in the last month, and now a friend just informed me she and her husband bought a house. I'm also approaching my 13th anniversary in this apartment, which is more than 2x as long as I've lived anywhere in my entire life. I'm antsy for a change. I dream continually that I've found a new apartment. I have some financial commitments right now that I can't control, but hopefully I'll be able to actually look for something to buy soon.

Today I appeased my urge by buying new luggage. Well, a carry-on, but a nice big one. I took my old luggage (two pieces) to the thrift store, thinking all the way there, "good riddance," but as I walked away from them I felt an odd sense of sadness. Those bags and I took many a journey together in the past 20 years. Weird to think of where they might wind up next, without me this time.


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