Saturday, January 27, 2007

An ending.

So I think I just ended a friendship. A 15 year friendship. Not that it's been all wine and roses, there have been great spans of time (years) when we've not been in communication, but wow, I think this was the camel's back splitting in two. We went out for a goodbye dinner because she's moving away, and somehow the conversation veered into politics/war/global warming. I am not sure what her opinion is on any of those, except that she thinks my opinions are inflexible and "righteous." Dinner conversation devolved into the two of us debating, one other at the table agreeing with me, his partner and her husband remaining silent, she arguing no matter what I said. I won't bore you with the details except to say that maybe I am overbearing in my opinion but that's because I believe in it, and she had nothing to say to cause me to reflect differently. It was pretty painful, and honestly, overdue, as it is one of those friendships that should have died long ago. When we left she didn't even come up with a goodbye, turned her back as I was bidding her companions farewell outside the restaurant. The guy who was backing me up in the "debate" said he looked forward to seeing me again, which is silly because there's no way we'll cross paths again, considering.

I don't know. I'm not sad. Mostly I'm rewinding arguments in my head that I should have made to her. She had the audacity to say she didn't believe in global warming, that it was all a hoax, but had done no research or had no science behind her position other than a "feeling." When I suggested she see Al Gore's movie, she pooh-poohed it as a political statement, even though I said that she'd at least be exposed to some of the science behind the theory. She went off on a tangent about how the polar ice caps were biggest when the Titanic melted, as if that lent weight to an anti-global warming position - honestly, I'm exhausted just trying to retrace the steps.



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