Thursday, January 04, 2007


I just had a major brain fog. I forgot where the "@" was on the keyboard.

* * *

The gym today was dead quiet. I think it had a lot to do with a large handwritten sign at the reception desk that said "Sorry for the inconvenience, but showers and water fountains are not working." I decided to tough it out and just go back home after to shower before work, delaying my arrival in the office (which isn't a major issue since it's still pretty quiet for me this week.) However, when I got back to the locker room after my workout, there was the comforting sound of running water. Yup, showers were working. Is it wrong to be glad that the outdated sign scared away the crowds this morning?

* * *

I had expectations of immediate increase in workload as soon as people poured back from vacation. Not happening. It's almost eerie. Maybe it will all hit next week? I just had two meetings cancelled for tomorrow, so I'm thinking of working from home.

* * *


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