Monday, January 29, 2007

Movies I didn't see

Another weekend without seeing a movie! I'm losing my momentum. I did make a few weak attempts, such as going into Manhattan on another errand that would put me fairly close to a theater near showtime of a film I wanted to see. Timing was tight, though, and the ticket line long. An elderly man in front of me rummaged through his wallet and dropped his metrocard. Nobody around him responded, and he went up to the ticket window with it still lying there on the ground. I jumped out of line, scooted it up, and tapped him on the shoulder. I'm not a hero or anything, it's just a stupid metrocard, but why did nobody else make a move? There were probably a dozen people between us. I don' t know. I went back to my spot in line but I couldn't remember where I was standing (it was one of those lines that fold back and forth between velvet ropes) so went back to the end of the line. As the clock tick-tocked towards showtime, I gave up. Something told me it wasn't meant to be and I went home. (This sounds like a stupid reason not to see a movie, but indicative of how I really wasn't that convinced I wanted to see it. Any little thing could have changed my mind; it just happened to be this. On the way there, I'd even told myself if a certain light didn't change in my favor by the time I reached the corner, I'd skip the theater.)

I thought I'd hit a later film in my neighborhood theater, and arriving home with 2 hours til showtime, decided to read a bit. Naturally, I dozed off, but not completely, just enough so that I would periodically open my eyes, check the clock, calculate how much longer I could nap, then close then again. This continued to within 10 minutes of the movie's start, and even then I was convinced I had enough time to get out of bed, put on my boots and coat, grab my wallet, and dash across the street to the theater. It would take just four minutes. Zzzzz. I can do it in three. Zzzzzz. I can do it in two. Zzzzzz. Do I need to see the previews? Zzzzzz. Hey, this is a subtitled film, is it a good idea to attempt when I'm groggy? I might be exchanging a nap in bed for a nap in a dark theater. Zzzzzz. I'll go see it another day.


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