Monday, January 15, 2007

My Fave Films... (and more)

It took me awhile to get to this, but here are my top films of 2006.

1. The Departed
2. Half Nelson (as much as I think Ryan Gosling deserves an Oscar nomination for this, that field is already overcrowded... I'd love to see Shareeka Eps, the young girl who plays his student, recognized in the supporting category)
3. Sherrybaby (Maggie Gyllenhaal rocks)
4. Dreamgirls (go Jennifer Hudson)
5. Inside Man (saw this early in the year and it's fading from memory but was really a strong film)
6. Little Miss Sunshine
7. Wordplay
8. Babel
9. Volver
10. Hard Candy
11. Borat
12. Thank You for Smoking
13. The Queen
14. The Devil Wears Prada

I watched 42 movies in the theater during the year (not counting a few in early January which were "catch-ups" of 2005 films.) I'll save you the boredom of the middle films, but here is the bottom of the list.

32. Rumor Has It (sleeping with the guy you think might be your dad... fun!)
33. For Your Consideration (it breaks my heart to have to place it here, but, really... bleh.)
34. Marie Antoinette
35. Keeping Up With The Steins
36. Running With Scissors
37. The Last Kiss (yawn)
38. Bobby
39. The Breakup
40. Scoop (why is bad Woody Allen so much more depressing than bad almost-anyone else?)
41. Trust the Man (this film convinced me to drop my practice of seeing "everything David Duchovny is in," which is why "House of D" isn't on this list, although chances are if I'd seen it, it'd be here in the 40's)
42. The Black Dahlia (I almost forgot how bad this was... shudder)

I won't watch the Golden Globes tonight, as the irony is I hate watching awards show, though I love hosting Oscar parties. Watching them alone, though is just so... boring. Too many commercials and not enough snark. Also I don't watch many of the nominated TV shows, whose stars will draw a long series of "who cares" from me every time the camera pans over their eager faces. ("Grey's Anatomy"? Never saw it, and am not convinced I'm missing anything.)

Also, "24" started last night and will have another 2 hours tonight. Once again the first few episodes have drawn me in, although if history repeats itself, I'll grow restless about episode 10 or 11. My boredom comes when the initial conflicts are resolved and spin off into new ones that are resolved and spin off into new ones that... zzzzz. So far, so good, though.


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