Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My head is hunted.

HELP. A headhunter called me yesterday, and left me three messages before I finally gave in and called her back. She had my name from another woman I worked with on a project last fall, met once, and barely interacted with. The headhunter said she thought I might know of someone for a position that I was "much too senior for." The problem is, she knows nothing about me. She mentioned a salary that is 40% higher than mine, and said, "I know this is too junior for you." I think it's a sales strategy - butter me up, get me interested, etc.

That job isn't even in my field, but I made the mistake of agreeing to stay in contact, said I'd email her my resume just to get her off the phone. She's called me twice today (I don't pick up now when I see her on caller id) even though I emailed her earlier to say I'm out of the office and will call her Friday. She seems to think she has an opportunity for me. But I don't think she has any idea of what I do, or what my experience is.

I hate aggressive sales people, but if they are selling you, maybe it's not so bad! Of course, I am perfectly happy in my current job (for the first time in years) so this is just a lark. But who wouldn't be curious to know if I could really make 40% more??


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