Friday, January 05, 2007


I'm working from "home," which once again translates to working from the Tea Lounge. When I arrived here 90 minutes ago, it was deadly quiet - just me, two school crossing guards on break from the middle school across the street, and another woman with a laptop. Now the mommies and strollers have arrived, the non-corporate work-at-home types, and a trio of suit-clad businessmen (are they lost?)

I readily admit that my intention today was to take it easy. See, work has been slow still this week, and sometimes that can be soooo excruciatingly BORING. I couldn't bear another day like that in the office, but at home (or here) I can distract myself with, well, non-work tasks. Oh, the honesty I'm displaying here! You surely admire my moxie.

Distressingly, the Internet connection (via free wi-fi) is spotty today, so I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stake my spot on the couch here. Not like I can complain, of course since it's free.

* * *

I am going to an open house on Sunday for a coop that I might even be able to afford. I know I keep saying I'm going to start the process, but this time I mean it. I'm itching for a change - I'll be in this same apartment for 13 years next month. The longest I lived in one place prior to this was 5 years (6-10th grade) so this is a big deal. I used to regularly move the furniture in my apartment around, even going so far as swapping bedroom for living room, just to refresh my environment. It makes it feel new and clean, even if it's the same old stuff. I can't do that much at all any more, since I've accumulated enough that it's difficult to move, and much of it has very specific spaces it needs to be (i.e., the DVD cabinet, which is the only piece of furniture strong enough to hold the larger aquarium, needs to be near an outlet in order to plug in all of the aquarium equipment; the sofa, which was delivered in pieces to fit through the narrow living room door, cannot be moved elsewhere without professional help.) I think this contributes to my boredom and restlessness.

Last week I discovered the CD player on my "boom box" stereo wasn't working. I hadn't really tried to use it in months, as I play CDs on my computer in my bedroom; in the living room I'm focused on the TV or the radio. Plus I can play CDs on my DVD player (although I never do; speakers are not that great.) So I decided to put the stereo out on the street with a "free" note (clarifying that the CD part was broken, but radio and cassette fine) and, within minutes, someone took it. I moved another radio from the bedroom into the living room (a replica of an old wooden radio) and it's amazing how clean and nice my living room looks just with one visual change.

And naturally this translates into I must move... for fresh new everything. The financial circumstances which have impeded my buying a place are possibly (no jinxing!) about to improve, so it may actually be feasible to buy this spring. Now I just need to discover the reality of what I can afford - or more accurately, where I can afford. I know I can't afford this neighborhood but if it can at least be tangential... Sigh.

* * *

I think I'm buying a flat screen TV this weekend. I have been pricing and comparing, and am pretty sure I know what I want. It seems that most local retailers will deliver via truck (vs. UPS or Fedex, who won't come in and climb two flights of stairs or unbox and remove packing, etc.) I am not able to reconcile this with the very real possibility that I'll have to replace my notebook (still no USB access! and still no call back from Gateway!) Or admit that dipping into my savings just as I'm contemplating buying a coop (with all the attendant expenses - moving, lawyer, broker, closing fees) is foolish.


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