Monday, January 15, 2007

Rainy Days & Mondays

I finally forced myself to attempt the last at-home remedy to fix my computer: a full system restore that would wipe out all of the programs I've installed and re-install windows and the few that initially came on the computer. I did my own backup of files and photos and music, but theoretically lost all of the TV shows I've bought through iTunes that are not currently on my iPod. (We'll see what happens if I ever resolve this and try to copy my iTunes library from the iPod to a newly installed version of iTunes.)

Anyway, it didn't work. Still no USB port functionality. I knew it was a hardware issue, but if I were wrong and it only meant the windows reinstallation, that would have been a relief. And, if I send it to Gateway for repair I'd have to backup all of my files anyway, and I'd likely lose all of my additionally installed programs. So I'm not rushing to re-install anything, but will call Gateway tomorrow and start the process. I'm nervous about not having a computer at home for a week or two, but I can always take my work laptop home each night. Things are not so bad, really.

It's strange though to have only Outlook Express and Internet Explorer on my desktop. And, iTunes - I downloaded that again just so I can sit here and listen to the radio and download my podcasts. My music library remains empty. I don't even have MS Office, since it didn't come loaded on this, so I can't do much of anything: no writing (Word), no food diary (Excel), etc.

* * *

I have not been to a movie yet, and it's already Day Three of three-day weekend. I've seen everything playing in my neighborhood theater, except "Pan's Labyrinth" which I have no desire to see. I really don't like fantasy/sci fi movies. I never saw any of the "Lord of the Rings" movies and don't regret that. When I was young, various friends of mine (including my best friend) were huge LOTR fans and I tried, but the whole thing left me cold.

I may try to get to one in Manhattan later this afternoon; I have another bag of stuff to take to the thrift store. (This time it's old mis-matched wine glasses, since I replaced them with a new set on Saturday, and assorted knickknacks I've set aside in my slow, gradual apartment cleaning.) But there really isn't anything I'm dying to see right now.


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