Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Star" power?

The early morning local news just showed a clip of Donald Trump getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The irony is that on his TV show, one of the upcoming challenges involves contestants giving guided bus tours of Hollywood, and, according to a leaked You Tube video from a participant on one of the tours, sharing the "shocking" statistics of which superstars do not have stars. Like Julia Roberts. It kinda puts your "achievement" into perspective, doesn't it, Donnie? (And don't say that it means you're "bigger" than Julia Roberts. It's common knowledge that requirements include a payment of $15,000 and a determined publicity team, not necessarily the most inspired career.)

Hmmm. Speaking of publicity, this is probably all a huge ("yooge" in Donald-speak) publicity ploy to increase ratings. Look, Trump gets a star! Did you see that illegal You Tube video from "The Apprentice"? Wow, that episode is airing this Sunday night! I have to watch!


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