Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome Home

Yesterday I was in a meeting at 5:30 (I know, ugh) and was thinking about what I needed to do when I went home (as were most in the room, I am sure) and my heart jumped a bit thinking, oh, my computer could be waiting for me. I mailed it on Saturday, DHL delivered it on Monday morning, they said "3 to 5 business days" which conceivably could mean the repair was completed on Wednesday, and if it were shipped overnight back to me, I could see it on Thursday. Right? Or not, since when do I have that kind of luck?

Apparently, this week I do, because sure enough, my little Gateway was waiting for me last night. Fixed! Welcome home, baby.

Now on to the fun task of re-installing software and files... I took care of some of it last night but will finish up today. I planned on working from home today anyway so this will allow me to multi-task (answering emails on the work computer while letting installation disks run on the home one..)

It's 9 degrees out right now, colder with the wind chill. Working from home isn't such a bad idea (although I plan on going out to the gym shortly and may hit the Tea Lounge later on as well...)

I'm very excited for the gym - my iPod is loaded with new podcasts for the first time since Christmas Eve. That's four weeks of NPR shows!


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