Sunday, February 18, 2007

Communal Living

Ha - not only was the door nice secured when I left for the gym this morning, but a note was taped to the door of the party boy neighbor. Looks like somebody else in the building wasn't too happy with his escapades last night. I don't care about the noise (I know!) because everyone deserves to socialize a few times a year. (And, seriously, this guy does this maybe twice a year, always on a Saturday night.)

To give him credit, after I took off the tape and put up the note, he apparently gave up and went down each time someone rang his bell. I could tell by the slamming of doors and clomping of feet up and down the stairs. Still, rather would have the noise than no security. Last year I went out to the gym at about 8 am on a Sunday, and the door had been taped open all night. It freaked me out a bit, as you can tell by my reaction when it happened again last night.


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