Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Eat me

Yesterday was an eating disaster. I never understand how I can be in a major US city (other than my own) and find that there are no meal options that I can eat. I'm not a vegan, guys. I eat fish, for god's sake. And yet I am in a business meeting, organized by a colleague, with high quality catered boxed lunches from Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express and she has ordered three choices: ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, and pesto chicken. I guess it's my fault for not alerting her to the fact that I don't eat meat or poultry, but it's not usually an issue at a corporate lunch as there is usually tunafish, if not some kind of veggie or cheese sandwich. Seriously, the biggest problem I have in NYC is having the other meeting attendees taking all of the tuna or veggie sandwiches before I get to the table.

It's nothing compared to the airports. Three different sandwich places, all with meat. Two had salad selections - a chef salad with ham and turkey, or chicken caesar. Of course none of these places is making the selections fresh, on site, so you can't put in a special order. I found a place that had sad-looking greasy pizza under a warming light, but seriously, I was afraid to eat a slice before getting on a plane because of what it might do to my stomach at a time when access to a rest room would be limited.

I could have bought a chef salad and thrown out the meat, as I had earlier picked the ham out of my lunch sandwich, but the thought of paying for something I wasn't going to eat seemed silly. And so for dinner I had peanut butter crackers and potato chips, fresh from the newsstand.

You see, on American Airlines now, even after you pay several hundred dollars for a two hour flight, you don't get fed. Not even a peanut. Oh but you can purchase, for three dollars, a cookie or a bag of granola and fruit or a bag of M&Ms. Does the $3 make or break them? Of course not. You can add $3 to my fare if you'd like, because then I wouldn't see it and wouldn't care. But not every passenger would agree, I guess.


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