Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm already sick of it.

While I think anyone's untimely death is sad, I'm already recoiling from the overload of media attention to Anna Nicole Smith's death, and my first response is to not care. I don't really think a long news conference with the medical examiner is worthy of live CNN coverage, nor does it seem the kind of thing that three or four people need to leave their desks to go stand and watch. I know I have different ideas of entertainment than most.

I also recoil from comparisons of ANS to Marilyn Monroe, although this whole "untimely death" thing is going to cement that forever. But I never would have pegged ANS as Marilyn's heir apparent. I suppose during her time Marilyn's exploits, now considered tame, were as sensational, but I still can't believe she would have been as, well, trashy as ANS if she had been born 40 years later. I have a special soft spot for Marilyn - I was born 6 weeks after her death, and as a child I used to fantasize that I was her reincarnation. Yeah, I'm not blonde or bombshell-ish or an actress or anything, but I was drawn to her, to the fragility of her life. Yes, I was a moody teenager.

The person who can't help but feel grateful (and guilty) about all of this? Lisa Nowak. What a way to escape being the center of the media's attention.


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