Saturday, February 17, 2007

Music, Lyrics, and Oscar

I spoke too soon. The sun was out today and it was warmer - maybe high 30's, maybe 40? - and the snow began to melt into big puddles. The snow banks are covered in dirt and mud.

I took a break from trying to see Oscar-nominated movies and saw "Music & Lyrics," because I like a silly romantic comedy as much as the next person, and Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore are two of my favorite in that genre. They didn't disappoint; they were their usual charming goofy selves. The movie is not great. Not much happens in it, and the pace is a bit slow. But it's not bad, either. What I like most about Drew Barrymore is that she's attractive and yet always a bit off - her hair is somewhat of a mess and her lipstick the wrong color and her nails short and too bright. She's not intimidating like other female leads of her generation - the Reeses and the Kates and the Renees. And of course I am always smitten by Hugh Grant.

I am having an Oscar party next weekend; have been planning it for several weeks. Today I had three people cancel, which is a major deal considering that I can only fit 8-9 in my apartment so have limited the invitation list. I'm trying not to be annoyed or take the cancelations personally, but it's hard. I spent the day making gift bags: movie candy, popcorn, CDs (I am buring a mix of movie songs I own.) I've bought some pretty cool decorations, too, including two Oscar statuettes that will be given out to the winners of the party pool... I know it will still be fun, but I hope now that I can get more people to come.
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Blogger Pynchon said...

I liked "Music And Lyrics" as well.

2:12 PM  

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