Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wine, White, and Underwear

I started drinking a glass of wine with my dinner. It would be something to look forward to, possibly help me sleep, and is supposed to be good for you. Well, it wasn't, not for me. I do think it helped me sleep better, but it also made me throw all of my positive eating habits out of the window: one glass of wine and I can be convinced to have seconds (or thirds) of anything. I put on almost 3 pounds in the last week, and while I know that weight fluctuates (especially for us women who battle water retention), it's not something I am proud of. I'm supposed to be still losing - was only 7 pounds from my goal.

* * *

"Fatal Attraction" was on again at 4:10 am. Someone in HBO programming has a real sense of humor. In my repeated viewings (or partial viewings, as I don't usually watch all of it each time), I've really come to appreciate the set design of the film. Both Glenn Close's character's (Alex's) and Michael Douglas's character's (whatever his name is) apartments are mostly white, with very little color. Alex wears white all of the time - bathrobes, t-shirts, wrapped sheets. Towels on her bloody wrists. The other apartment is also very neutral, with very little color. The scene where Alex attacks Beth, his wife, is in a white bathroom with little color. Even Douglas himself (Dan, imdb.com claims, but I swear I have no recall of his name) is always in muted colors - if it's a blue shirt, it's a dusty blue shirt. Their daughter Ellen wears big shapeless white t-shirts, so androgynous that the first few times I saw the movie I really thought she was a boy. The only color is in Beth's outfits, the greenery around their new country home, and of course, the blood.

But all in all a very pale film.

* * *

I love the new way that clothing manufacturers are printing garment info on the actual material, omitting the additional clothing tag (i.e., Gap and Banana Republic t-shirts, Victoria's Secret underwear.) More comfy, less scratchy. But I have managed to put my underwear on inside out three times in the last few weeks.


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