Monday, March 05, 2007

Avenue Montaigne

This weekend I saw "Avenue Montaigne," a French comedy (called "Fauteuils d'orchestre" in France.) Three people, a tv soap star, a concert pianist, and a wealthy art collector, all are preparing for significant events (a play opening, a concert opening, an art auction.) The theater, concert hall, and art gallery are all near a cafe where a young woman, newly arrived in Paris, works. Their lives intersect and overlap, leading up to the big night when the play, concert, auction will commence. It's light and fun, fairly sentimental, but enjoyable. And yet a little bit forgettable.

It's not often that I see foreign comedies, but I enjoy them when I do. The slight difference in sensibility adds something to the humor, to the enjoyment for me. I need to find more.

Hello, Netflix.


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