Monday, March 19, 2007

Gray matters.

No, a weekend without a movie. It's okay; I'll survive. In fact, it was a very productive weekend, taking care of a number of overdue chores (cleaning the fish tank!) and getting close to finishing a short story that's due to my writing group on Tuesday.

I even colored my hair. I hate coloring my hair, and procrastinate so long that my gray is glaringly obvious. My hair grows fast, too, which necessitates more frequent touch-ups than I can deal with. My biggest problem is that I can't help but get drops of hair color all over everything, no matter how careful I think I'm being. The bathroom sink, the shower curtain, the front of the sink's cabinet (which sports a long brown drip stain from last year I can't get rid of), the hallway floor (apparently hair dye would make a good wood floor stain, as one large splotch has not faded in four years), my neck, my arms, the toilet seat. Oh, and last night I dropped some on the bathroom floor and didn't notice until I'd stepped in it and proceeded to track dye throughout the apartment. (Part of the challenge is that this particular dye is a yellowish clear when first mixed, so nearly invisible, turning darker brown as it sets.)

I hate doing it myself, but professional hair coloring has been problematic, too. The color is invariably wrong, which grates a lot more when it's $100 expense vs. a $10 box from the drug store. And with salon hair color, my roots grow in along a very distinct sharp line, as opposed to the boxed color, which fades enough that the roots seem to blend in more with the overall gradual gray.

How much longer will I go through this, before giving up and letting myself go totally gray?


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