Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hot in the kitchen

Yesterday, in front of me in line at the box office at the movie theater, was a guy who looked annoyingly familiar - annoying in that "why-can't-I-place-him" way. Was he someone I used to work with, or someone who used to wait on me in a favorite restaurant, or maybe even somebody famous? This wasn't my neighborhood theater, so the options were limitless (and yet, less likely to be someone I'd just gotten used to seeing around the neighborhood, like the guy who always sits in the window at Starbucks with his laptop. Put the Starbucks guy somewhere else entirely, and I'd have much the same head-scratching reaction.) The only thing I was sure about was that he used to have longer hair.

And then, after he and his friend bought their tickets and escaped inside the theater before me, I realized it was Sam from the past season of "Top Chef." The one who was voted one of the sexiest chefs in New York City.* And how is he in person, you ask? Scowling, but still striking-looking.
* So says his bio on Who actually votes on something like that? Do they do sexiest cab drivers and sexiest coffee baristas and sexiest letter carriers also? Ah, apparently, the bestower of such titles is Zink magazine. Never heard of it, nor can you search its articles online.

Now I'm so exhausted from all this auxiliary research that I can't be bothered to talk about the movie I saw. (We saw. Sam and I. And his (male) friend.)

Speaking of "who-is-that-guy" conundrums, I keep passing a guy on my street who is really good-looking and oddly familiar. Finally it dawned on me - he is the host at the sushi restaurant I go to, but used to have long lanky scraggly hair. You know (or should) how I dislike long hair on men. Here is a perfect example - this guy gets a really sharp haircut (short but stylish) and suddenly he's head-turningly hot. I'm not the only one staring at him as he walks by.


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