Monday, March 12, 2007

Musing & Music.

I have a meeting so am "hoteling" in our midtown office today. It's a great setup - you call and reserve a spot and are guaranteed a desk/phone/computer hookup for the day. Plus they give you (light) administrative support and complimentary fruit in the pantry. (Like a real hotel.) The weird thing is that I used to work in this very same building, back in 2002-3, for a different company. On a slightly lower floor, but right now I am near the very same windows I used to sit near, gazing at an only slightly altered view that I used to stare at then. And the security guards recognize me, and I know where to go for lunch and a coffee.

And sheet music. My music collection consists of everything I had when I took piano lessons in the early and mid 70's (lots of Barry Manilow) and then a pile of stuff from the years I worked here, just a block from Colony. Whenever I'm in the neighborhood I like to pick something else up.


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