Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tech curse continues

Would it surprise you to learn that my computer died last night? You know, the very same one that only recently returned from Gateway's repair center? Well, the monitor won't come on. The computer starts up, makes its obligatory humming and whirring sounds, culminates in the friendly welcome Windows music, all with a black screen.

Luckily, tech support re-activated my warranty to cover the repair, so I can ship it back and they'll fix it, even if it's not related to what they fixed before. Unluckily, I spent 90 minutes on the phone last night, the majority of that on hold at various times, while it was ironed out. It wasn't a toll-free call and I was on my home phone.

At one point the technician put me on hold for about 35 minutes. (He later told me he was on hold with corporate getting approval for the warranty extension.) I couldn't hang up because I knew if I dialed again, I'd get someone who would have no idea of what the other guy said and I'd lose ground. I lay in bed with the phone on speaker, listening to the hold music (actually a decent selection of tunes) and I dozed off. Seriously, I fell asleep for a few minutes.

This morning I went to the gym and then walked over the bridge and to my office, and picked up my work notebook to bring home for the rest of the weekend. I stopped at J&R and looked at the selection of new notebooks, but there is still nothing jumping out at me. Many are just too big. My Gateway is a 14.1" widescreen and I love it. My work IBM is a 14" Thinkpad. J&R has refurbished Thinkpads for only $400-$500, but I can't bear to have an identical computer at home as at work. Is that weird? I just would like to have some work/life separation.

Last night TV options were pitifully bad and I wasn't in the mood for a DVD so decided I'd spend the evening playing the Sims and listening to music or NPR. That's when I found out my computer was on the fritz. I can't load the Sims onto my work computer, so guess that's not happening this weekend.


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