Friday, March 09, 2007

Waiting for a cold.

The other night I kept waking up, unable to swallow from the sharp pain of swollen glands. I haven't yet been sick this winter, but anticipated the worst and started taking cold medicine. Now the sore throat is gone, no more symptoms. Maybe it's lying in wait.

Many of my co-workers swear by Airborne. I've always had an issue with their marketing campaign - "Created by a school teacher." First of all, I hate the phrase "school teacher." Who says that, outside of "Little House on the Prairie?" Don't we just call them "teachers" now? But more important, I don't see why I should be impressed that a teacher (of second grade, to boot) was the mastermind behind this. Yeah, I get the whole "teacher is exposed to so many germs" angle, but wouldn't you rather have something created by a bio pharmaceutical professional?

Most of my co-workers, the Airborne devotees, have been plagued by cold after cold this winter. It's March and I have yet to succumb.


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