Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Someone in my building has been coughing loudly all night. I don't know if it's woken me up, or just when I've woken up I hear it. I can't tell if it's next door or below me.

I dreamed that I was walking down the street, after work, carrying a single piece of drycleaning and my coat (it was warm) and considering whether to stop by an event I'd been invited to, when a small sports car started tearing down the street, weaving in and out of traffic. It screeched past a police car and then suddenly was coming back down the one way street, followed by the police car, and then suddenly it was crushed between the police car and a large van. It spun to the side and a door opened, and a young man jumped out. Everyone on the sidewalk had naturally stopped and stared, and then, the man reached into his car and pulled out a long black machine gun-type rifle. And then everything was deadly silent and I just started walking slowly away, afraid to look back because if I saw him, he'd see me. Just ahead was an open garage door, and I slipped inside, but knew that wasn't enough, so I kept walking slowly and carefully foreward, looking for a hiding spot, wanting to drop my dry cleaning but afraid if I did it would be a clue as to where I was, and I went down a flight of stairs and along a tunnel, and it felt safe, but then I realized it might be the perfect place for the gunman to run and hide in, too, so I kept walking, looking for a secure spot. There were one or two other people with me, all searching for the same, and we were deadly quiet, afraid to speak because we'd start screaming.

And then somehow it was over and we were back up in the garage, waiting for the police to interview us, and there was a crowd of witnesses and reporters gathered round, waiting, and a man came out and started talking, and then Heidi Klum came out, because she'd been a witness to. (Did I fall asleep to Bravo?) She was strikingly short in the dream, but had a huge head. She didn't speak with an accent any more, but was pregnant again, wearing a bright green and blue flowing dress that barely hid her round belly. The man that was talking to the reporters finished, and the press wandered away so it was just me and Heidi, and I explained to her that I was asked to stay by the police, that I was a witness, too, and she gave me a hug.

I haven't had that odd a dream in a long time. And no wine before bed last night! Hm.


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