Thursday, April 26, 2007

In or Out? Hot or Cold?

Ok, so you know what I really hate? I mean, in addition to all of the other stuff I bitch and moan about here. But I really don't like when people ride the wave of popular opinion, without having one of their own. A new tv show is "hot" and everyone can't stop saying great things about it, and then it's not, and there is this swell of opinion (mostly from people who never bothered to watch it in the first place) that it's lost its oomph. Yeah, I'm talking about "Lost." You see, I still like "Lost," and even though not every episode has been top tier, the quality has not diminished in the way that the "buzz" would lead you to believe. Ratings are down but that's due in part to its move to 10:00 pm (a less watched time), and yet, the "Plus 7" ratings (tracking people who record to watch later) are up. Meanwhile, the show continues to be entertaining, interesting, and smart. People complain about the length of time it's taking to answer the complicated mysteries that are at the heart of the show, and yet, we know so much more now than we did a half season ago, a year ago, and at the start. What did these people sign up for, "Murder She Wrote?" I'd much rather watch something that makes me think, that keeps me guessing, than a show where the villain is obvious the minute his/her name pops up on the credits.

That being said, I'm completely flummoxed by the ending of last night's episode. Not to spoil it for anyone, but it seems to point toward a scenario that is exactly what the producers have been denying forever. Are they playing mind games with us? Wouldn't put it past them. Is it making me super-eager for next week's episode? You betcha.


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