Friday, April 27, 2007

In vino veritas?

The last two nights I have had work events in the evening that involved drinking. I got home last night at 10, slightly tipsy, but filled with a good meal. I came home tonight at 6:45, more tipsy, with a stomach only placated by chunks of cheese and the one non-meat-laden appetizer passed at this event. I've been drinking since 4:30 and am somewhat affected. Drunk, not very, but clearly not my rational self.

How do I know? I had a long conversation with the guy who rang up my book in the bookstore. See, I don't talk to strangers. Not fear, just shyness. But I was shopping (breaking my no-buying-books-rule because I figured alcohol could be my excuse - god what kind of nerd am I that the "risky" things I do when under the influence are buying books) and overheard him ask someone what "The Namesake" was about so at the checkout I volunteered my opinion on the book and the movie, and we got into a conversation about his friend from Sri Lanka who has parents who have arranged a marriage for her. I think if I allowed myself to initiate conversations more with people I don't know I'd have more materials for writing!

I don't remember the 2 books I bought. Mind already escaping the sin, the way you do when you drunk dial and then make yourself forget.

God, they are just books.

Such a long tiresome work week - when Ididn't have after work events, I stayed late to work on things, so really pushed harder than normal. Felt very hyper all week, like I needed to get things done and over with. Maybe because of my pause of a weekend, when I put all of my own activities on hold to visit my family. My time was consumed with caring for one of my nieces, which both took over my time but also distracted me from my usual responsibilities in a way that made everything seem distant and unreal.

I should not try to be profound after three glasses of wine. Yes, that's all it takes! You would be really freaked out to know how I need to retype almost EVERY WORD in this entry because I am drunk-typing.

Also this week I got an email from the guy I had a crush on in high school. No, really. It was through a mutual friend, and I'll likely go into more detail another time, but here's the kicker: HE LIVED IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Not anymore, but for a significant amount of time that overlapped with mine. Which means that I must have passed him, stood on line with him at Met Food or Starbucks or seen him at the gym or on the subway... the mind boggles.

Oh, and I somehow fucked up the VCR last night and didn't tape "The Office" as I'd intended. I'm pissed.


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