Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mice, crack vials, and don't forget your mittens

Haven't yet found a blog written by an individual house-hunter, but there are a few about NYC and Brooklyn real estate which are pretty cool.

Yesterday I cleansed the memory of the old man's crappy apartment from my brain by visiting a luxury condo building down the street. It was fun - once I checked in at the Sales Office I was given a list of a dozen available apartments, and told to go look at my leisure, as the doors were all open. Something wickedly pleasurable about walking in and out of empty apartment doors on your own.

Only one was close to affordable - a one bedroom that is slightly out of my price range. But beautiful and huge. I did some research after I got home, though, and the building is not without some controversy - gradually turning to condos as leases expire, and getting press for things like their "nanny concierge" service. Not something I'm in need of, really. But more disturbing were tales from a renter of an infestation of mice and the proximity to a local haven for prostitutes and crack addicts. I am using this as my excuse for not feeling too bad about not being able to afford it.
But look at this kitchen - (appliances covered in plastic but underneath beautiful chrome.)

* * *

It's a cold cold weekend, hats and gloves and scarves needed. I imagine the girls in front of the Catholic church this morning will have down parkas over their pretty Easter dresses. I am not doing anything for Easter. So many people wished me a "happy holiday" which of course means nothing. If you're not a practising Christian, and don't have kids to play Easter bunny with, is it a holiday? I think not. Yet, for those of us with ethnic names from Catholic-dominated countries, the assumption always is that you would choose today as one of the days you manage to drag yourself into church. I'm just glad the gym is open.


Blogger madabandon said...

I know that building myself. Friends lived there years ago. Behind the shiny renovation there are real problems with vermin, as you reported; it is also a somewhat sketchy location. That's why the apartments are not selling so quickly, despite the huge windows etc.

10:34 AM  
Blogger medusa said...

Thank you! I need reasons not to keep fantasizing about that apartment. My stuff would look great in there - my piano would practically have its own room...

I'm also not thrilled by the soot coming in the windows from the BQE. I have enough problems with the grime I get from Court Street.

11:49 AM  
Blogger madabandon said...

Yes, that is the other big drawback. The lovely sight and sound of the traffic-clogged BQE, with its black grime. When my friends lived there they hated that. But he was a clarinetist, so the noise was actually a bonus, because the neighbors could not really complain about his practicing. You really don't want to have a clarinetist for a neighbor, even if he/she is a genius.

11:03 PM  

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