Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh, Brooklyn

I returned home fairly late last night, so don't feel quite readjusted. It's hard to explain why I go through this transition phase whenever I travel to see my relatives upstate; I think I explained it once as losing control over my own schedule and time frame, but it's also the simple loss of time. All the weekend errands and tasks I don't think are that important suddenly will make or break my ability to function this week. I guess I'm just a baby when I'm forced out of my safe little routine. For the thousandth time I wonder, how will I every adjust my life to share it with another person? (Still with the hope that someday I will find the person with whom I'd want to.)

Also, even though I was "in the country" where, as you'd expect, I could enjoy the warm weather, I feel cheated that I missed the first beautiful weekend in the city this spring. Weird.


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