Thursday, April 19, 2007

Scars of shame

And I thought the ice cream force-fed, fur-wearing kids on Run's House were a low for MTV. Granted, the network has brought us the crazed antics of "Jackass," the disturbing plastic-surgery show "I Want a Famous Face," and a long line of empty "dating" shows (where the person least humiliated somehow is expected to feel a winner.) But now there is "Scarred," a show so repulsive that I can't believe anyone would put this on the air, even as I can believe throngs of pre-teens are whispering about it during math class.

The show chronicles the accidents of stunt men and women (a printed disclaimer - because the MTV audience takes time to read small print on their TV screens - swears the network will not accept viewer submissions for the show), complete with graphic video footage, surgical photos, and closeups of their resulting scars. Let's hear the host gleefully take us into commercial: "Coming up - more blood, more pain, and footage that is out of this bleeping world."

My god. I'm so glad I'm not a parent. How do you navigate your kids through a society where this stuff is everywhere?


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