Monday, April 16, 2007

Water, water

Rain, rain, rain. My Sunday open house tour was halted after I made it to one, found a second was canceled without notice, and was already struggling with wet socks (inside lined rubber boots), soaking wet jeans (despite a large umbrella), and cold hands (forgot gloves, and can't put hands in pockets when I need to hold the umbrella.) I went home, discarded wet clothes, put on flannel pjs and lay in front of the tv to finish the taped marathon of "The Riches." (The No-TV-During-Daytime rule is suspended for sickness and weather-related emergencies (save those that result in loss of electricity, for obvious reasons.))

I'll be away next weekend, so unable to go to any more for another two weeks. Maybe this is fate telling me that the one I've already seen is the one meant for me?

* * *

A co-worker announced she is pregnant. I wanted to ask her to please not email me photos of her ultrasound; not that she has tried, but I'm still a bit freaked out from the woman who sent me pics, not of her own, but of her sister's fetus. (Accompanying a request to take time off to travel to be near her for the anticipated birth.) I don't need to see anyone else's uterus, please.

* * *

The office is quiet today.


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