Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Clutter's Last Stand

Busy with work again. Although after this week it calms down a bit until June. Hard to believe it's May already. But the April showers (NYC's 2nd largest rainfall in April in history) bring May flowers, and they are in abundance. Likewise the light green buds on trees. I find something very picturesque in the splash of light green against dark branches and buildings; from a distance, everything looks like an artist's rendering of a proposed building plan.

Everything I see or think is in context of apartment hunting. I saw 12 apartments on Sunday - several times going into a building for one open house, only to find a few others in the same place. (Viral marketing via doormen.) There is no surprise in the results: everything I love is too costly, everything I can afford has at least one major flaw (sixth floor walkup, or too small, or a couple of blocks too close to Atlantic Yards, or with reasonable selling prices and exorbitant monthly maintenance charges.) I'm tempted somewhat by the ones that are just too small - I can get rid of stuff, I don't need all my stuff, wouldn't it be great to relieve myself of the burden of having so much stuff? I fantasize about calling a charity like Housing Works to bring a truck, and in my mind I tick off what I can offer them, what I can do without: coffee table, dresser, second tv, second tv cart, old rug, dishes I never use, that box of record albums from the 80's... I think I should go through with the purge no matter what, even if it's just opening up the existing space in my current apartment.


Blogger madabandon said...

the purge is an awesome thing. i highly recommend it.

6:06 PM  

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