Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dust settles

Two hours later, and I've exerted some energy by cleaning the top of my dresser - throwing out old hair accessories, jewelery, make up, and thoroughly dusting each and every container and surface. I hate dust, but it's unavoidable, especially as I love open windows.

It doesn't look like it will rain so I will get out and run some errands. My refrigerator is nearly empty and my pile of clothes for the dry cleaner will likely bankrupt me.

Speaking of $$, I received refunds from both state and federal taxes, after apparently overpaying both. The explanations confused me, and were not consistent with each other, although it appears I transposed the same digits on both forms. It makes me feel a bit better after thinking I owed too much, but also makes me think I should probably use a professional next year. Hopefully I'll own an apartment so it will be complicated enough for me to feel it's necessary.

More open houses tomorrow. I'm considering widening the circle of neighborhoods I'd consider, although a visit to a new area would be better on a sunny day (more time to linger, look around) and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. I need to figure out if my resistance to branching out is illogical. I'm two subway stops from work, one subway stop from Manhattan now, so being four or five seems daunting, but for most people that's a very short commute. Sometimes I fear it's also that I need the comfort of knowing I am in easy walking distance from home. Just in case.
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