Sunday, May 27, 2007

June Bug

My apartment is haunted by a large June bug, one of those huge nasty things that suddenly appear this time of year and you forget even exist the other 50 weeks or so. This one scuttered across my living room floor as I was making dinner and I thought at first it was a tiny mouse. I was somewhat relieved to find it wasn't, since mice freak me out more than bugs, but at least a mouse would have hidden somewhere in the walls and this guy is just shuttling from under the couch to behind the bookcase, never giving me enough time or leverage to slam him with a curled up magazine. He flew up in the air for a bit and I opened the window, wide, hoping to swoosh him out, but that's when he chose to disappear under the sink. The hassles of living alone are that I can move the couch to the side and see him as he scurries, but can't drop the couch and pick up the magazine in time to pummel him.

I just retreated to the bedroom, although since my rooms have no doors between them, I am not really safe. But I'm pretending he won't get this far down the hallway. That he won't fly above my head as I sleep and land on my face. Or crawl along the hallway floor just as I pad by in my bare feet for one of my nocturnal bathroom visits.



Blogger madabandon said...

Once, in my first apartment in Chicago, there were numerous such bugs. I could not kill them because they were too big and they seemed like animals. Once one crawled up my coat sleeve while my coat was hung over a chair. Later when I put it on I felt the horror of the June bug scuttling up my arm. I flung the coat onto the floor. The next night, reading in bed, I saw a June bug scuttling across the floor, one broken leg extended in the air. I think it was the same one. I moved out a few weeks later, traumatized.

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