Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lost and Off Balance

1. Today I had a series of routine medical tests that necessitated skipping breakfast, and not wearing deoderant/baby powder. (Ladies, at least ye of a certain age, know the meaning of the latter.) The combination of these wild leaps from my usual morning routines tipped my whole day off balance.

2. I went to the DMV today, for the FIRST TIME EVER. I know! I'm in my 40's and never had a driver's license. Oh, wait, I had a learner's permit in high school and college, so I have been to a DMV before, just not in 20 years. In any event, it was clear that the air of inefficiency colors every thing that happens there, even when nothing is wrong. People just walk in the door ready for a fight. It's the DMV, it must be a mess! Yeah, so I wound up standing in a line I apparently didn't have to, because of the lack of clear instructions, but beyond that it went really fast. I had my picture taken before I even knew it was happening and now I have a shiny new "Non-Driver's ID" on its merry way to me. It's something I meant to do for years but finally was forced to, as my passport is expiring and you need valid government id for almost everything these days, so I can't walk around with nothing while the passport is being renewed.

3. I plugged in my vacuum cleaner, and it is not only working, but it sounds better than it has in years. I think that when pulled out the plastic bag I jarred something back on track.

4. Today I almost stepped on two baby birds crushed onto the sidewalk. In two different places. It's freaking me out. Seriously, is there a bird serial killer out there?

5. I came home from a morning of doctors and DMV only to find my proposed "work from home" afternoon waylaid by a flashing cable modem. According to Time Warner, it wasn't me, it was the whole area, to which I cheered, and he took it immediately as sarcasm. Of course he would, but I explained I was serious - at least that meant they were already on it, and I wouldn't have to wait around a week or more for an appointment. I went to the Tea Lounge and worked instead. (Although just down the block, they had service. Whatever.) [UH-OH. SERVICE JUST WENT OUT AGAIN! FUCK I AM JINXING IT BY TRYING TO POST THIS ENTRY!]

6. If the cable isn't back on in time, I won't get to see the season finale of "Lost" and this will make me sad. Yeah, I can watch it online (if and when I get internet access again) but not the same as on my big tv.

7. If you can read this, it's back on!


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